End of Lease Cleaning in Parramatta

by admin on June 11, 2012

At the end of your lease it is extremely important to ensure that your rental space has been left clean and in good repair. Failure to do so can cost you your bond, and on top of this you may also incur additional charges. Stained carpets, marks on walls and paintwork and damage that can be viewed as more than ‘general wear and tear’ are all factors that you need to consider rectifying at the end of your rental period.

Why is End of Lease Cleaning Necessary?

Unless your property has been left in an immaculate condition, you run the risk of losing your security bond. Landlords and property owners will have taken a strict itinerary of the condition of the property and its contents before renting it. Therefore all of those accidental marks and spills that you have become accustomed to seeing will be easily spotted by the property owner or estate agent. In order for the landlord to be able to easily rent out their property again it must be spotless, and so it is important to fix any staining or damage that you have caused throughout your stay. If the landlord feels that there is work that needs to be completed on their property as a result of the way you have left it, then they will use the money from your security deposit. But whereas a job that you can fix yourself may cost you $5, it may cost the landlord $50 to call out a professional and so you run the risk of losing a lot of money.

Cleaning services that must be performed at the end of a lease agreement

At the end of your lease your property should be deep cleaned, and this involves much more than a general clean and tidy up. Carpets should be thoroughly hovered and spot checked, with a stain removal product being used on any marks or spills. For carpets that are more soiled, the use of a carpet cleaning machine may be required.  Walls should be exactly how they were at the beginning of your rental period, smaller marks may be able to be removed with a clean cloth but for anything larger it may be necessary to repaint them. Any holes caused from hanging things on the walls such as pictures or televisions should be filled in, and any other damage caused to walls, doors, floors or windows will need to be addressed. Surfaces should be cleaned with an antibacterial agent, as well as any appliances that were rented with the property. Cleaning behind kitchen appliances, as well as dusting skirting boards and on top of furniture should not be forgotten. Any mirrors should be cleaned, as well as the inside of all windows. Bathrooms and kitchens especially should be deep cleaned using bleach or antibacterial products.

Tips and Pitfalls to Getting Back Your Rental Bond

As you may be aware, cleaning and preparing your property at the end of the lease period is a lot of work.  It is important to ensure that every room is considered, and every wall, floor and door is examined. Any leaks, broken objects or stains that you have become used will be very noticeable and so it is important to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Moving out of your home or office space can be a very difficult time, making sure that everything is properly packed and nothing gets lost or broken is stressful enough. In order to make your move easier, using a company to take care of the end of lease cleaning may reduce your levels of stress.

Our team provides janitorial services such as cleaning and repairs, carpet and upholstery cleaning and even repair and paint damaged walls, so you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of.


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