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by admin on February 15, 2013

Carpets are among the most used item in your home, especially in high traffic areas such as the living room and hallways. They get dirty and grimy fairly quickly, especially if you don’t take off your shoes prior to entering your home. If you don’t get your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, you’ll have to replace them sooner than you would if you had them cleaned frequently. Both steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning methods help you keep your carpets looking like new for longer.

However, not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on expensive carpet cleaners. If you live in the Sydney area and are on a budget, you may be looking for cheap carpet cleaning in Sydney so you don’t have to shell out a lot of cash to take care of your carpets.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Services In Sydney, Australia

There are a variety of carpet cleaning services in the Sydney area, many of whom run specials. There’s also the DIY route, which can be the least expensive of all.

E Dry Carpet Cleaning – 4 rooms cleaned for approximately $120

Always Fresh Carpet Cleaning – 5 rooms cleaned for approximately $100

Drymaster – 4 rooms cleaned for approximately $155

Most professional carpet cleaners have a minimum fee, which can range anywhere from $80-$150. However, the minimum fee at the majority of professional carpet cleaners is going to average around $90-$100, so you can expect to pay at least that when calling to get a quote to have your carpets cleaned.

If you’re looking to get just a few rooms in your house cleaned, or you have an office with several rooms, you may be interested in looking at a per-room price as opposed to a carpet cleaning “package.” The cost per room to have your carpets cleaned can vary depending on which company you decide to go with, but the least expensive you’re likely to pay is $25 per room if the rooms are unfurnished. You will probably need to pay a little bit more if the rooms are furnished, such as in the case that a bed or an office desk needs to be moved to clean.

Carpet cleaning can get quite pricey when done by a professional, and some people are persuaded to use DIY carpet cleaning equipment, which can usually be rented for under $50. However, there are quite a few pitfalls to using DIY carpet cleaning equipment and even hiring cheap carpet cleaners who are inexperienced.

Why Cheap Carpet Cleaning Isn’t In Your Best Interest

Many people choose to use a DIY carpet cleaner because it is so much cheaper than hiring a professional and those who do hire professional carpet cleaners often choose the cleaners who can provide them the cheapest quote without considering the quality of the equipment or the reputation of the cleaners. If you’re paying $100 or less to get your carpets cleaned, you’re likely dealing with a cheap carpet cleaner who may cost you more in the long run through ruined carpets or mold and mildew damage.

There are many consequences to choosing the least expensive route, and it could cost you your carpets!

Mold And Mildew

Whether you’re using a DIY steam cleaner or hiring a professional to steam clean your carpets, a significant amount of water is used to clean the carpets and extract all of the dust, dirt and grime from deep down in the fibers of the carpet. Even dry carpet cleaning methods use some degree of water. If the water is not extracted from the carpets properly and the carpets don’t dry properly, mold and mildew can grow underneath the carpet padding and in the fibers.

You probably won’t notice this right away, but over time, your carpets may begin to emit a strong mold or mildew odor. You may not even know that it’s your carpets – you may simply notice this odor in your home without being able to locate the cause and without being able to purge your home of the smell. Built up mold and mildew in your carpets after having them cleaned improperly can also cause significant health hazards like a depressed immune system, asthma attacks, allergies and other respiratory problems.

The health of you and your family, as well as the air quality in your home, depends on having your carpets cleaned and dried correctly by a reputable and professional carpet cleaning provider.

Overwetting Damage

Even if you don’t get mold or mildew from overwet carpets, too much water saturation can ruin your carpets for good. If water reaches the carpet’s backing, a number of problems can result. The secondary backing may separate from the carpet, which causes damage that cannot be repaired. Overwetting can also cause the dye in the carpet fibers to bleed and result in permanent discoloration of the carpet.

Carpet Staining And Damage

Whether you’re having your carpets dry cleaned or steam cleaned, a cleaning solution is used to break up the dirt and grime in the carpet fibers and make them easier to extract. Different types of carpets require different types of cleaners, and selecting the wrong cleaner for your type of carpet can lead to carpet staining or damage to the carpets. This can happen when you’re using DIY carpet cleaning equipment and purchase the wrong solution, or when inexperienced cheap carpet cleaners make a mistake and use the wrong solution on your carpets.

Another issue with detergents is using the wrong concentration. Even if the correct cleaning solution is used, if it is diluted improperly or too concentrated, it can cause significant damage or staining to carpets. If too much detergent is used, it is impossible to get it all out of the carpets, which can lead to problems like skin irritation in pets or children who come into contact with the carpets often. Detergents that are left in the carpets also pick up dirt more easily, meaning that your carpets will get soiled again quickly and require cleaning sooner than if they were cleaned properly in the first place.

Having your carpets cleaned should extend the life of your carpets, not damage them or cause accidental staining of the fibers. Using a trustworthy carpet cleaning company is essential if you want your carpets cleaned properly. It is easy for a homeowner to use the wrong solution or fail to dilute the detergent properly when using DIY equipment, and inexperienced carpet cleaning companies often do the same.

Choose Professional, Reputable Carpet Cleaners

While you may be tempted to go the DIY route, or to select the cheapest carpet cleaners to save a few bucks, chances are, you’re going to be paying out even more money in the long run if your carpets get damaged or ruined by overwetting, or stained by using the wrong detergents. Having your carpets cleaned improperly may possible cost you thousands of dollars if you end up with mold and mildew in the carpet fiber that causes significant health problems for you and your family.

When you choose to have your carpets cleaned, make sure you are having them cleaned properly by a reputable professional. Choosing to go with the cheapest carpet cleaning quote you receive can lead to detrimental consequences! Opting to have a competitor clean your carpets for less can cost you more in the long run if your carpets get ruined and need replacing, or if you have to repair mold and mildew damage in your home. If competitors use inferior filtration equipment and leave the allergens from your carpets floating around in the air in your home, health care costs for respiratory issues can also be expensive. Often, it is much better to pay a little extra for a reputable carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets than to potentially incur astronomical costs of damage done by inferior competitors.

At Carpet Cleaning Parramatta, we offer extensive cleaning services, including thorough carpet cleaning using both hot water extraction and dry carpet cleaning methods, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, stain removal and mattress sanitization. We use state of the art equipment with HEPA filtration to ensure your carpets are left clean and healthy for you and your family.

When you need a deep clean to keep your carpets looking like new, we’ll be there. Call us for a quote today – 1300 100 840.


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