Carpet cleaning Baulkham Hills

by admin on February 12, 2013

Cleaning your own carpets and furniture can be a huge hassle. Not only will it take hours for you to do, you will have to lug around a cumbersome carpet cleaning machine and you can even risk damaging your carpets with inferior cleaning materials. Having your carpets professionally cleaned can have many benefits:

  • Eliminate the risk of mold and mildew build up due to carpet oversaturation or incorrect drying.
  • Eliminate stains caused by using the wrong detergent for your type of carpet, or using too much detergent
  • Better, brighter results than with DIY methods
  • Allow you to do the things you need to while professionals do the hard work of carpet cleaning for you

We service the area of Baulkham Hills, a suburb in the North West of Sydney, Australia. When you need fast upholstery and carpet cleaning in Baulkham Hills, we can be there quickly to get the job done. Our carpet cleaning process is fast and efficient, and will leave your carpets looking like new again, even if they were heavily soiled or stained prior to cleaning.

Steam Cleaning – Our steam cleaning service removes 99% of contaminants, ensuring we leave you with a fresh, clean carpet that is healthy for you and your family. Steam cleaning offers the deepest, most thorough clean but requires drying time.

Dry Cleaning – Our dry carpet cleaning service utilizes a powder that is brushed down into the carpet where it attracts dirt and stains, and then is vacuumed back up, leaving your carpets looking bright. This method requires very little drying time.

We will pre-clean your carpets using a vacuum with an attached HEPA filter, ensuring that dust, pollen and other allergens that are vacuumed up out of the carpet remain in the vacuum and are not pumped back into the air. Our carpet cleaners are industrial strength, and our services will give you a far deeper clean that can be achieved with DIY cleaners and equipment. The cleaning solutions we use are pH balanced to be gentle on carpets but tough on dirt and stains, and we will groom your carpet afterwards to make sure your carpet looks its very best.

If you need carpet cleaning in the charming suburb of Baulkham Hills, call us for a quote today. We can take care of your carpets while you’re away enjoying the shopping and dining that Baulkham Hills has to offer, and when you return, you will swear someone came and installed all new carpeting in your home!

We go the extra mile for each of our clients to make sure their carpets, furniture and mattresses are clean, fresh smelling and sanitary. Many of our clients suffer from severe allergies, and our services help to reduce the number of allergy and asthma attacks they have each year. We want you and your family to enjoy spotless, hygienic carpeting and upholstery for years without having to replace it. Call us today and we can service your home or office in Baulkham Hills – 1300 100 840.

Varpet cleaning Baulkham Hills

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